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The successful activity of any company, regardless of the form of property depends on many factors. Not last role is played by the quality of legal support and legal protection for your company. The team of our lawyers and attorneys will provide high-quality legal maintenance of any your business projects.

Professionalism and competence - is the foundation on which to build our cooperation with the client. And for that, we have all the conditions and possibilities, it is - a team of highly qualified lawyers who work each in their field and have long-term experience.

The purpose of the Lawyer Group of Ukraine - is an association of experts to provide professional legal services for the successful development of your business.  Signing a contract with us You will pay only for actually rendered services.

Our company was created in 2006 by association under one brand of two companies Lawyer Group of Ukraine and the Advocate association “The Ukrainian rights protection foundation” and already on the results of 2007 entered in top 50 law firms in Ukraine rated conducted by the newspaper "Legal Practice "and, according to the National Business rating undertaken with the support of the Committee of Economic Development, Commerce and Industry of Ukraine, international Editions catalog" Commerce and industry of Ukraine "and the information-analytical agency" "Statinformkonsalting" our company is confessed by "Leader of industry 2010 " by results of work in 2012 our company is recognized as the International economic rating "LEAGUE of the BEST" "Enterprise of year-2012".

Our attorneys and lawyers accumulated considerable experience in decision a wide variety of legal issues that confront our clients. We direct all our efforts and opportunities to provide customers with professional assistance on a wide range issues arising within in the framework of the dynamic development of the company.

Since April, 2013 we started online the social project of free legal consultation, this project is aims to provide first of all primary legal consultation on different legal issues.

So, our company can safely say about their successes and achievements through many years of practice, our attorneys and lawyers. We have entrusted conduct of its affairs leading construction and financial companies in Ukraine, the authorities of the central government and the people's deputies of Ukraine. Our experts take part in activities of the working groups for preparation of bills at Committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Thanks to an active public position our specialists repeatedly included in the work of the various working groups and committees to improve existing legislation, as well as participated in the official delegations to exchange experiences with the support of the committees of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

Practice and specialty of our lawyers enables us to provide the whole list quality legal services in a high professional level, as follows:

Complex service of the companies

Claim - related work, labor and corporate disputes, participation in conducting inspections by authorities, preparation of contracts, participation in negotiations with business partners and others, check your counterparties in respect of the presence of these cases filed for bankruptcy, the stated suits of open enforcement proceedings - the cost of 1,000 UAH. per month, or 500 UAH. per hour. There can be different forms of cooperation with both prepaid and postpaid services.

Signing a contract with us You will pay only for actually rendered services.


Getting involved in bankruptcy cases, both on the side of the debtor and the creditor side, in the company have arbitration manager - the liquidator price is determined in each case from 10,000 UAH.

Participation in courts of all jurisdictions.

On instructions of an individual client or in some affaires, including the Supreme Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine, the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Supreme specialized judges for consideration of civil and criminal cases, review of cases arbitration courts of Ukraine, including international commercial arbitration - the cost of is negotiated separately in each case and is 10 - 15% of the price of the claim. For businesses that are served by complex there have are significant discounts. Attorney's fees may be recovered from the defendant.

Land disputes.

Preparation of documents and support in allotment of land plots for construction.

Protection in criminal proceedings (process).

At the stage of prejudicial investigation and in court, preparing documents for consideration by the Commission of Pardons of the Presidential Administration) - the cost of the lawyer is established in each case individually from UAH 400.

Tax disputes.

Appeals against decisions of tax notices, tax consulting, optimization of tax.

Establishment registration.

Preparation for registration of the necessary documents and further legal support of their activity from 1500 UAH. preparing for the registration of necessary documents and further legal support for their activities from 1500 UAH. for registration of the company with one of participants, the cost includes all costs (notary services, payment of state duty, manufacturing printing, preparation of documents for opening an account) for each additional of participant will have to pay 200 UAH.

Liquidation business with debt.

Mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, liquidation of companies, or by the owner's decision through the courts - the value determined in each case individually from 1600 UAH.

Full support for the election campaign

 of the candidate in deputies of Ukraine, candidates for deputies of local councils. Our lawyers have experience in legal support of election of the company of political parties and candidates, as within a single electoral district and in a nationwide election district. Lawyers took part in the work of election headquarters of the 2004 presidential election, parliamentary elections of 2006, the parliamentary elections in 2007 and presidential elections in 2010 and the last parliamentary elections in 2012 we have carried out legal support of the election of the candidate in deputies of Ukraine in majority district Sergei Mishchenko in which the candidate won a landslide victory.

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